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Asset Recuperation is a global leader in preventing, investigating and recovering financial losses for individuals and companies exposed to cybercrime and fraud

International Asset Recuperation Company

Asset Recuperation is an international fund recovery company that specializes in frauds investigation ,monetary asset recovery, data protection and a wide range of digital security services. Our firm consist of professionals with vast knowledge and experience in their respective fields who are equipped with the best tools for reaching our objectives.

What we do

Asset Recovery Services

We help victims of financial fraud and theft to recover their stolen assets. Our auditors trace assets to the final beneficiary of the crime. We recover assets using a number of proven tactics.

Fraud Investigation Services

Our team of investigators and analysts are well equipped to undertake a variety of investigations. We can help in all areas of financial crime, securities fraud and internet scams.

Asset Recuperation and Fraud Prevention Services

We offer a variety of Asset Recuperation services to safeguard your digital property such as penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, data recovery, training and consulting.

Binary Options Recovery

Binary Options is a highly controversial investment product. It’s so controversial in fact that many countries classify this product as gambling, not investing. In the last couple of years, most countries have moved to deregulate and outlawing Binary Options trading completely.

Investment Scam Recovery

At Asset recuperation we help corporations and individuals to recover their losses from all manner of investment scams. Every scam is different and every client is different, which is why we take a unique approach to each and every case. Unlike law enforcement, our priority is to first and foremost recover your assets. While we believe stopping and convicting cyber-criminals is of high importance, from our experience, the moment they feel they have caught the attention of law enforcement we know they quickly move on to another scam.

Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery

Helping clients to recover stolen cryptocurrencies has become one of our most popular services. Cryptocurrency scams were considered the second most risky type of scam in 2019. The only reason crypto scams came second place was because of the limited exposure to the general public as crypto adoption is still very young. All-in-all cryptocurrency-related crime proceeds exceeded $4.5 billion in 2019.

Romance Scam Recovery

Romance Scams don’t just break hearts, hit bank balances but can escalate into devastating circumstances which destroy lives. Some people have their entire life savings swindled, leaving them vulnerable at old age or find themselves groomed into a life of organized crime and drug trafficking and sadly, even worse situations.


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